Welcome to Rubidium Hexafluorosilicate

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This site is currently being developed, check back mid-2050 for the final page. In the meantime, here are some images to stare at if you wish:
   It's Raining Again    Prison    Alvarez    The Addict    Gridlock    C17H19ClN2S•HCl    aLTERED pERCEPTIONS    Winter Dreams    Risk (The Games We Play)

Hope to see you again, soon.

SynthEdit Modules are now here: www.rubidiumhexafluorosilicate.com/synthedit/.

If you're interested in hearing some of my music (brave soul that you are) you can find those here: www.rubidiumhexafluorosilicate.com/music/.

And if you're here looking for the Halloween Fright Flight (dot) 7, that stuff would be here: www.rubidiumhexafluorosilicate.com/halloween/.